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Event Planning Page

Cavender Tent Rental wants to help you make your event as “special” as possible.  For your convenience here are some tips and tools to help you plan as you go! Know exactly what size of tent and accessories you are looking to rent . A detailed description of the location including ground surface, over head obstructions, and access limitations will help when planning the various aspects of your event. If you are unsure about tables, chairs, decorations etc.. Just ask! Check out our Vendor/ Partner page for a list of reputable local companies we recommend. A lot of work goes into every successful event! The trick is making it look easy. Cavender Tent rental is ready to help you do just that!! Please down load our Planning Guide to help plan your event!


Things to think about!

Space Needs

All tents require additional room beyond their size for staking and erection. For a pole style tent 10 to 12 feet should be added to both of the dimensions of a tent to allow for this room. Frame tents can be installed in smaller areas - sometimes areas not much larger than the tent itself - but in a case like this we would want to discuss the situation with you and most likely measure the site.

 Tent Staking

All tents require anchoring to the ground - in the case of a pole tent for structural support - in the case of a frame tent so that they are tethered to the ground. Customer must notify us of the location of any underground utilities, septic systems, or irrigation systems. The customer should contact Dig Safe at  811 , or 1-800-344-7233 to have local utilities mark  any underground services. This is a free service that requires 72 business hours notice.


Tent Rentals typically include:

·  Installation and removal of the tent

·  Installation of dance floors, stages, lighting, and heaters as applicable

·  Sidewalls (additional charge) attached to the tent or left at the site at the customers discretion

·  Delivery and pick up of stacked tables, chairs, and any other rented items

Table & Chair Rentals

Tables have a plywood surface and are meant to be covered with linens or paper product. Table & chair rental rates do not include set up or break down. This service is available for an additional fee and needs to be arranged for in advance. Extra charges will apply for sticker, tape, or staple removal on tables & chairs.

Dance Floor and Stage Rentals


Dance floor and stage rates include installation by our company. Dance floors must be used inside a building or beneath one of our tents, to maintain safety and quality of product. Please note the dance floors are installed directly on the ground and will follow the lay of the land. It is important to have a level area for a dance floor. We do use a plywood sub floor and shims to minimize movement and dips to a certain point - but inevitably the floor will mimic the ground it is on.

General tips and space allowances.

 Please contact us for a free

consultation on your particular event.


Estimated Space Allowances from

the American

Rental Association 

- all estimates are minimum - allow more space to ensure flow and comfort
server meals require more space than buffets

Theater Seating (chairs in rows) and
Classroom Seating (tables & chairs in rows)

6 square feet/person not including aisles


Banquet Seating

Oblong/rectangular of 6 -10 people

  8-10 square feet/person


Round tables of 6-10 people

 10-15 square feet/person



Cocktail Parties and Receptions


 6-10 square feet/person


 8-15 square feet/person





Additional Allowances

Dance floor

 4-5 square feet/person


Beverage/bar area

 100 square feet


Buffet area (per 8' table)

 100 square feet


Grand piano

 100 square feet


Spinet piano

 50 square feet




Seating Capacity Per Table

24" - 48" round

 2 to 6 depending on use


30" x 30" bridge (card) table

 4 comfortably



Dance Floor Size Chart
A good rule of thumb for planning an event: 30% of the total number of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time.

Total #
of Guests

Total #
of Dancers

Size of
Dance Floor



12ft x 12ft




12ft x 12ft




16ft x 16ft




20ft x 20ft




In or within a few miles of  Topeka, KS delivery is included in our pricing. For those customers outside of the Topeka area we figure mileage from our warehouse which is located at 409 SE 17th, 66607.

Delivery is figured on the total miles for both the setup and the take down. So if you live 20 miles from our warehouse, the setup mileage would be 40 miles and the take down mileage would be 40 miles, so the total mileage charge would be 80 miles.