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Pole Tents

Our high peak pole tents are as elegant as they are striking in appearance. The spacious interior allows for a formal décor putting your event over the top. These tents are stronger than regular pole tents able to with stand high winds and long rentals. If you’re looking to stand out these tents will do just that with peaks soaring 30’ off the ground.

Prices Include set-up, and take down in grass.

             Contact us for pricing.              


 Tent Sizes

40 x 40

40 x 60

40 x 80

40 x 100

 40 x 120 

60 x 70

60 x 100




Frame Tents

Our commercial frame tents have a heavy duty 2” frame and are free standing structures with no center poles. This style of tent has no obstructions for your décor or guests.

They are perfect for smaller events or events with low height requirements.

Prices Include set-up, and take down in grass.


                        10x10 to 30x50                                  




All Peak Frame Tents

These are a smaller version of our pole tents with the advantage of no center poles. A very elegant tent for smaller events, or a great addition to a pole tent as an entry hall, space for your serving tables, or band to conserve space in the larger tent for seating.

Prices Include set-up, and take down in grass.              




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